Reiki Courses in Manchester with Experienced Reiki Master/Teacher

reiki coursesAt its simplest level, a Reiki Master is someone who has committed on a personal level to accepting greater responsibility for his or her life, and personal destiny.

In Master’s Degree training, you will receive a further attunement to amplify your vibratory level further and activate the Master Symbol.

Becoming a Reiki Master requires commitment and dedication and anyone wishing to follow this path should find a Reiki Master to whom they feel intuitively drawn before approaching them for training.

Each Reiki Master will carry their own individual vibratory level and unique way of working.

If you take on a Reiki Mastership, you will be passing on the original Usui Reiki Tradition and then keeping a commitment to your students to guide them after they have taken their training with you.

Think hard before you embark in this direction and make sure you have the time to dedicate to this journey.