Reiki Courses in Manchester with Experienced Reiki Master/Teacher

reiki_2nd Degree_logo_webAt this stage of training, the energy attunements are greatly amplified and are focussed on the etheric body rather than the physical.

On your Second Degree course, you will be introduced and attuned to three energy keys or symbols. These symbols can then be used as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental and emotional healing and to send absentee healing.

A large part of the training received in Second Degree is centred around the understanding and use of these symbols.

Students are encouraged to both use and experience the use of these symbols on themselves. Emphasis is also placed further, to recognise the powerful effect that symbolism can have on the unconscious mind.

Techniques are taught to enable you to focus on the energy on the release of mental and emotional blocks and also to focus for your mind to enable you to send Reiki energy beyond time and space and thus bring about effective absentee healing.

The symbols used are three of the sacred symbols discovered by Dr Usui during his lengthy research and consequently are esoteric in nature. Although it is through the initiations that your connection to the symbols is strengthened, Reiki students are asked to honour their sacred nature and not disclose them to non-Reiki initiates.

Students are encouraged once again to give themselves a Reiki treatment every day for four weeks following the completion of the course for the same reasons outlined in First Degree.

A six month waiting period is advisable between Second Degree and Master Degree. Again, you must allow yourself to be healed first, before being able to use and work with the symbols until they become part of you and integrated within your system.